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Blocked on Quora : Of what am I accused by Tatiana Estévez "This comment is a violation of Quora's Be Nice Be Respectful policy "


by Yanick Toutain
2014 oct 16

The unsigned condemnation to be blocked for at least one week may have an author  ""

Tatiana Estévez
Tatiana EstévezThis comment is a violation of Quora's Be Nice Be Respectful policy
Tatiana, Quora Admin
Report • 1h ago


Someone posted a reply to an old debate in which Tracy Crawford had participated. I had kindly asked her to be my godmother ....then debate was interrupted.
5 days later, I gave an example of destruction of my work.
Tatiana Estévez arrives and.......
Is this breaking the rules?

Yanick Toutain
No ... I'm sorry to tell you that since I arrived, I constantly suffer sneak attacks from people (including admin Baptiste Fontaine) that end up by letting appear the truth: They are wild opponents of the real theories of Isaac Newton. 
I campaign for Isaac Newton and the truth since 1999 in France.
I just had an attack erasing the topic "mathematics"  from a question about ... the foundations of mathematics .... .....  (how many number "two")
Révolisation Actu (#RevActu): Prateek Karandikar removed the topics Mathematics , Algebra , Number Theory Arithmetic, Pythagoras from a question about the foundations of mathematics
Anti-Newton, they pretend to improve my questions to destroy them and transfomr my questions until they become stupid. ... 
When this issue really bothers them, they withdraw from circulation. This lasts for 1 month .....

If you agree to be my godmother on Quora to protect my questions from the assaults, I will happily accept.
Tracy CrawfordNot inclined to be your Godmother. However, people often begin on Quora not understanding the topic structure or usage.  I regularly still have some topics removed from my questions.  Nor do I care much.

Please link two questions, and I I will look at the revision history and the question.
Yanick Toutain
The  wifi spot is closing -in France 22 30 - .... if you read my list ... go see for example my question about the usefulness .... it makes no sense ... 
I was talking about the difference between the objective value of a purchase and subjective perception .... Now the question has no meaning ....
Tracy CrawfordRead several of your questions, many of which have multiple applicable topics.

In my mind, your questions are often very confusing and obscure, but there are many very valid answers for your questions.

I stand by my position that Quora is working in your benefit to align the questions with the most appropriate topics for the audience and that individuals follow a BNBR policy.

Baptiste Fontaine perhaps you might be able to clarify some of Yanick's concerns.
Yanick Toutain
An exemple of destruction of my work
I am a specialist of dialectical materialism. I defend the thesis of Engels and Marx.... and an ANONYMOUS ARRIVE and collapse my work ......

Yanick Toutain's answer to Marxism: What is so scientific about Scientific Socialism?
These answers were downvoted:
Yanick Toutainhttp://www.quora.com/Marxism/Could-anyone-explain-dialectical-materialism#
1 upvote by Julie Amadis.
The first law of the dialectic is transformation quantity quality
Ice becomes water becomes gas
Paysans become artisans
Matter becomes life
Anything that accumulates sees a "yellow" appearing in the bud and the "yellow" grows bigger to become something else 
Nothing can continually increase
Written 2 Oct.
Tatiana EstévezThis comment is a violation of Quora's Be Nice Be Respectful policy

Tatiana, Quora Admin

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