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Freedom, "All is written", Predestination, God and Isaac Newton (an answer on Quora)


Sir Isaac Newton at 46 in Godfrey Kneller's 1689 portraitby Yanick Toutain
2014 oct 11

The question on Quora was  What biblical quotes speak about a lack of free will or "all is already written"?

My answer (from french)
I do not know the answer. But the true believers made ​​me several quotations.
However I would urge you to correct your question in a certain sense: freedom is not incompatible with the "everything is written."
To assume that someone knows the end of a story does not prejudge the freedom of actors.
The very fact that men are not all good is proof that God - if he exists - let the free will to everyone.
Freedom is the consciousness (acting) of necessity.
And to act on that necessity, it is imperative to raise his "historical productivity" and therefore begin by discovering the science.
Because science is not an "invention" (as the positivists make it the obscurantist propaganda for a century).
The "einsteinist lobby" is mainly used to distract people from the quest for scientific laws that are inherent in reality.
For Isaac Newton, revering God, it was not praying but discover which scientific laws were created by God.
The work of God, Newton took cognizance by searching our absolute speed in the vacuum.

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